The bitcoin exchange went down after Alexander Vinnik was arrested on july 25th. He is according to the US Department of Justice related to BTC-e and was arrested by local police in Greece.

Vinnik is charged by the DoJ for $4 billion worth of money laundering. Greek and US authorities cooperated to complete the arrest.

Vinnik is faced by from the US Department of Justice:

  • operation of an unlicensed money service business
  • conspiracy to commit money laundering
  • money laundering
  • engaging in unlawful monetary transactions

He is thought to be in charge of money laundering operations since 2011, with the DoJ considering his ventures some of the most important websites of cybercrime. So far Alexander Vinnik is thought to have laundered more than 4 bilion in US dollard through cryptocurrency trading, helping facilitate trades of up to 7 million bitcoins and withdrawals of about 5.5 million bitcoins.

It has been confirmed that the FBI has raided data centers of the exchange, seizing equipment.

But wait a minute?

A more questionable statement however pushed back on the claims that Alexander Vinnik was related to BTC-e: “officially declare – Alexander was never the head or employee of our service.” This way leaving users even more uncertain […]