Decentralizing services has always been the main goal of the blockchain technology. The LBRY (pronounced “library”) team uses the blockchain to create a real decentralized content publishing platform;

This allows for a “free, open, and community-run digital marketplace” where creators/publishers owns their data. While the project is still in it’s infancy (The first wave of open beta testing started August 1st), it aims to allow creators and publisher to have full control over their content without the need for a middle man.

LBRY has it’s own currency (LBC) and wallet for payments and rewards and is available on multiple exchanges. The transaction fees are minimal and there is no “middle man” to steal your hard earned money.

In this new era of content distribution, direct communication between creators and consumers is key.  LBRY is an ambitious project led by a passionate development team that shows the real power of the blockchain thecnology and digital currencies.