BTC-e was one of the longest-running and most secretive of the world’s bitcoin exchanges. As you might imagine, people were shocked when they got locked out of their account after the site got shut down by authorities.

Just a few days later, a forum account tied to the crypto exchange has issued a new statement, claiming to be in control of databases and bitcoin wallets. BTC-e’s account on the bitcoin talk forum posted a few messages since, further denying that Vinnik was related to the exchange.

Alexander Vinnik was arrested in Greece. Being accused of operating BTC-e and laundering billions of dollars with bitcoin over multiple years. U.S. prosecutors later revealed a 21-count indictment that included a $110 million civil fine levied against the exchange itself.

In its last message, BTC-e said (translated):

“We were able to access our databases and wallets, at the moment we are evaluating data and balances on [coins], this information will be made public by the end of next week.”

We still don’t know who from BTC-e is posting through the account. We’re following this story closely.